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Valeo in China to create the largest R & D center

April 5, Valeo in central China's largest R & D center, "Valeo China Technology Center" opened, this is Valeo completed in China this year, the first investment projects. As the world's top 500 Valeo, the technology center will become Valeo in the field of light technology and comfort and driving aids in the field of precision farming technology, rooted in China, an important pillar of the global service.


The newly opened Valeo China Technology Center is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Center, covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, a total of about 450 R & D team and eight elite experts, mainly by the lights technology center and comfortable and driving support System technology center composed of two major parts.

"Valeo China Technology Center - Lamp Technology Center" is Valeo's largest automotive design and automotive lighting technology development center in China, with eight R & D experts and 400 R & D team. Valeo has invested a wide range of advanced computer equipment, workstations, service stations and high-value development software to build a range of optical, electronic, simulation labs and sample rooms. After the opening, the center is mainly responsible for "the Group's innovative technology combined with the needs of the Chinese market, in China car manufacturers R & D design intelligent lights technology and products" mission. At the same time, the technology center for Valeo in the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil and India and other major global automotive market projects to provide design support.

"Valeo China Technology Center - Comfort and Driving Assistance System Technology Center" will focus on comfort and driving support system software development, is the Valeo Shenzhen Comfort and Driving Assistance Division R & D center and the global electronic research and development center extension Become a group of comfort and driving support business in China to attract talent, an important base for deep plowing the market. At present, the technology center has more than 40 people R & D team, is expected to expand to the end of 2017 to 150 people.


Valeo Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jacques Alhambra

"The emerging markets that focus on high growth potential are one of the two core development strategies of Valeo," said Jacques Al-Sauvignac Al-Sahwa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Valeo Group. "China, as the world's largest and developing The most rapid car market is undoubtedly the key to the future development of Valeo.We will make full use of Wuhan's geographical advantages, market environment, industrial heritage and human resources to further consolidate the Group in the field of lighting and comfort and driving support system In the field of global leadership, and to promote China to become the global market innovation Valeo 'engine' for the future growth of the accumulation of potential.


In the global automotive market, Valeo is a major supplier of automotive light systems, automotive driving assistance systems, in-vehicle control systems and remote information processing systems. In the global automotive industry automation, intelligence, the wave of interconnection, Valeo with innovative technology to maintain the pace of rapid development.

It is understood that in 2016, the Group's total sales of 16.5 billion euros, compared to 2015 growth of 14%; which, the main plant supporting sales of 14.4 billion euros, an increase of 14%, beyond the global automobile manufacturing growth rate of 8 percentage points. In addition, driven by strong technological innovation, the Group orders rose to 23.6 billion euros, an increase of 17%. In 2016, Valeo Group in China is particularly prominent performance, the main plant supporting sales of more than 2 billion euros, an increase of 22%, exceeding the market average growth rate of 8 percentage points. The Chinese market contributed 28% of the Group's orders, of which 42% came from Chinese automakers.

In the future, Valeo Group will continue to strengthen investment in the field of research and development, optimize the product matrix innovation. In 2016, the Group's total R & D investment increased by 22%, accounting for more than 11% of the total sales of the OEM. The Group's innovative technology products developed in the global market to win favor. In 2016, 50% of the Group's new order volume came from innovative products. This shows that Valeo has the strength of structural growth, and continue to lead the development of the global automotive industry.