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Get the Internet market,SAIC Troika is fully deployed

There is no accident, "the world's first mass production Internet Jiajiao" Roewe i6 is repeating the success of Roewe RX5, listed only one month sales break 7015, stable seat 2017 listed car first month sales of the king, hit the fastest sales of Chinese cars climb Slope record, scored a joint venture car get together the A-class car market.

The author at the end of February this year, after the announcement of the price of Roewe i6, in the "SAIC is not willing to share the brand exclusive car market to push the Internet car owners to re-create explosion," a text that is still sensational shape, sensational powertrain, sensational Price, Roewe i6 certainly can become a Chinese brand reached 10 million joint venture Jiajiao a "explosive". Rong Wei Rong Wei i6 first month sales break 7015 what is worth proud of it?

To the data, for example, is still in the "fare increase" state last year listed on the Dongfeng Honda New Civic listed the first month sales of 5600, when the joint venture with a joint car Geely Dili listed first month sales of 5500. March sales of the top 10 A-class cars had been recognized by the market speed is far less than Roewe i6 fast.

Followed by Roewe i6 listed SAIC MG is also listed that selling, delivery half a month to reach 4264 sales. Plus last year's listing of Roewe RX5 8 months total sales that broke 14 million, of which 5 months sales broken 20,000. I note that Roewe RX5, Roewe i6, MG six Zs composed of Troika has made SAIC passenger car sales in March up to 46,000, up 145% year on year, significantly ahead of the overall market growth.

Without exception, these three carriages have a "Internet car" this is different from other models of genes. As we all know, as early as 2014, SAIC released with the General Motors jointly developed a new powertrain "CUBE-TECH", and in the follow-up MG GT, MG, and Roewe 360 models equipped with, even if there is such a group Beyond part of the joint venture brand powertrain "blessing", these products still did not become the car market "explosive" models.

And then the traditional cattle technology, are not as "black technology" to the senses directly. When SAIC and Ali came together to develop the first Yun Yun system equipped with the Internet car Roewe RX5, completely subverting everyone for the car before the car technology to understand the car, the original real Internet car is this: the Internet car must Is to be connected with the outside world of things attributes, to collect, external information; Internet vehicles to be able to combine with large data, relying on the existing large data platform to achieve data interaction, and further promote the commercialization of large data process. All this by the Roewe RX5 to Roewe i6, then to the MG ZS, gradually realized, but also gradually improved.

I learned that, from the ultra-70% of consumers choose the Internet model of this data, the user's demand for intelligent interconnection system and reputation are constantly improving. SAIC Roewe RX5 manual car models are not equipped with YunOS system, recently also hand-block and the Internet "black technology" into one, launched Roewe RX5 20T manual Internet smart version of the model. It can be seen, SAIC passenger car is basically "zero dead" layout market segments, in the past sales focus on manual transmission of Chinese brands SUV, after all, by a great impact.

It is no exaggeration to say that SAIC passenger cars can quickly rise is fulfilled a word "Internet, the car market."