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Lincoln new navigator release Luxurious texture

Ford's Lincoln brand has released 2018 pilots of the notice. In contrast, the new pilots are lighter, faster, more spacious, and more luxurious. "Automotive News" related reports that the new navigator or will help Lincoln to regain the share of the full-size luxury SUV market lost.

The new pilots have a lighter, higher strength aluminum body, the body than before to reduce the power of 200 pounds, the new pilots equipped with the new 3.5T V6 engine, the transmission system is matched 10-speed automatic transmission, the maximum power over cash 70 hp, torque over cash 40 lb-ft.

Compared with the concept car launched last year, 2018 pilots retained a lot of concept car function, but the concept car gull wing door and did not appear in the production car.

Appearance, the production version of the basic concept of the car to maintain the design style, the front face and Lincoln MKZ with the same mesh mesh grille, grille central Lincoln LOGO and bilateral headlamps against the background.

In terms of interior, the new pilots include a number of features of the Ford 2018 conqueror launched in February, including the sliding function of the second row of seats. The driver and co-pilot seats also have a massage function. Production of car interior also uses a large number of wood parts, showing texture. Like the conqueror, the new pilots will have a charging port for each location, a USB interface, and a smartphone charging board on the center console.


Ford: SUV share will continue to rise

In 1998, Lincoln launched the first generation of navigators and was updated in 2014. Launched that year, the model to help Lincoln won the US luxury car sales champion. In addition, the model also prompted competitors included in the Cadillac, including large-scale high-end SUV models. However, the Lincoln Pilot's US sales fell from 43,859 in 1998 to 10,421 last year, lagging behind the Cadillac Cairrid and Infiniti QX80. As a result, Lincoln hopes to change the current situation with the new pilots.

Ford believes that cross-border cars and SUV market demand will continue to rise, catch up with the US light car market overall growth rate. Local time on April 10, Ford executives said that the next 5 to 7 years, cross-border cars and SUV market ratio will rise to about 45%.