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You may love Electric tailgate

This year the smart electric tailgate is absolutely hot after the car after the market, whether you believe it or not, anyway, Xiaobian I believe it. Several major domestic car modification or supplies exhibition on the electric tailgate shine, the auto show is also an important magic weapon to attract the eye. Electric tailgate heat is still in continuous fermentation, can be expected to come in 2017 ironclad is the electric tailgate detonated car market after the new profit growth point, to achieve leapfrog development of the year.

Aim at the opportunity to visit the road to join the electric tail of the army, we have to see what will be different. Xiaobian evaluation experience after a little heart it If you still have the impression of the electric tailgate still in the luxury car or high equipped with the artifact, then you are wrong. With thousands of thousands to change the smart electric tailgate and a few tens of thousands to upgrade the high with or with the top, Needless to say that the owner will know what kind of choice.

Gently press to change life

Look at the following scenes of daily life a few familiar feeling? The appearance of electric tailgate to meet the needs of the owners and to resolve the embarrassment. Imagine an elegant and graceful soft sister went to the rear of the car, stretched hands on tiptoe but not enough high and heavy car tailgate, it is eager and upset but helpless look like there is no want to come forward to help She 's one. Lu Chang intelligent electric tailgate decisive play the "hero to save the United States" role, just a touch, tail door automatically open / close.